General Information

Where can I find information on upcoming events? Our events calendar is on our website, under EVENTS – Fiorelli Events.

Do I need to make reservations to come to the winery for the day? Reservations are only suggested if you wish to participate in a wine tasting. If you just want to come out and enjoy food & beverage, listen to our weekly live music (Saturdays & Sundays from 1-5pm) and/or wander the vineyard, you do not need to make reservations.

Can I bring food or drinks with me? We do not allow any outside food or beverages on our property. However, we do have a great menu of food & beverage offerings in-house. Please see our menu on our website. Under WINERY- Click on Menu

Can I bring my own cooler? We do not allow outside coolers on property.

Do I need to bring my own lawn chair? You are welcome to bring your own lawn chair, however we have plenty of outdoor seating available on our outdoor patio.

Is there an age restriction for the winery? We love all ages here.  Bring the whole family along, we have some lawn games as well as a great playground for the kiddos! Of course, you must be 21 or older to consume alcoholic beverages.

What type of ID is required for age verification? We accept all valid Driver licenses, State ID, Passports or Military ID. A picture of your ID is not a valid form of identification.

Is the winery pet friendly? Yes! Pets are always welcome, we just ask that you keep them on a leash and pick up after them.

What payment methods do you accept? Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Apple pay, American Express & Fiorelli Winery Gift Cards.

Do you sell gift cards? Gift card purchases can be made by coming into our retail shop or by calling 941-322-0976. Gift cards are shipped via UPS, so there is a $5.00 shipping fee.

Can I take photos? Yes, please feel free to take personal photos during your visit and tag us on social media @fiorelliwinery. All professional photo shoots require a fee and must be scheduled in advance.

Can you ship wine? We currently do not offer shipping as an option. However, please continue to follow our website and social media, as soon as this is available, we will let you know!

Can you print custom labels? Yes, we can absolutely print custom labels for you. Contact us at 941-238-6566 or email us at for more information.

Are there hotels near you? Yes, we do have a variety of hotels near us both to the North & the South. Please check out our business partners page on our website for a list of hotel partners. Under EVENTS- Venue Rental- Click on Business Partners Tab

Are there campgrounds near you? Yes, Hunsader Farms KOA is located 1.5 miles from our location and Lake Manatee State Park is located 2 miles from our location.

Tastings & Tours

What is the cost of a wine tasting? Wine tastings start at $12.00 per person & include a sample of 6 of our locally crafted wines. You can upgrade your wine tasting for $5.00 more to receive a sample of our full selection of wine & wine sorbet (this ranges from a total of 10-12 samples).

Do I need to make reservations for a wine tasting? Our wine tastings are held at the top of every hour and can hold up to 18 guests in one tasting. It is highly recommended to make reservations for your wine tasting as they are booked on a first come first served basis. We do also accept walk-ins as long as there are seats available. Wine tastings can be booked on our website under WINERY – Tastings & Tours.

Can I reserve a wine tasting in advance? Yes, reservations can be made online on our website under WINERY – Tastings & Tours. We do not accept over the phone reservations.

Can I arrive earlier than my reservation time for my tasting? Yes, absolutely! Feel free to stop out anytime during business hours. You are welcome to enjoy food & beverage and wander the grounds while you wait for your scheduled tasting time.

What times do wine tastings take place? Tastings take place at the top of each hour. It is suggested that you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled tasting time as we always try to get started on time.

How long do tastings last? Wine tastings are booked in 1-hour increments and typically last approximately 45 minutes, although that time may vary depending on how many people are at your tasting.

When is the last tasting time? The last tasting of the day is always held at the top of the last hour we are open. For example, if we close at 6pm our last tasting will be held at 5pm.

How do I make a return or cancel a purchased wine tasting? We do allow you to cancel an online wine tasting reservation with a full refund 48 hours prior to your scheduled wine tasting. If after the 48-hour window has passed we do not offer refunds however, you are given a one time rescheduling opportunity. To cancel or reschedule your wine tasting please call us at 941-322-0976.

Do you offer guided tours? At this time, we only offer guided tours for groups of 10 or more and they must be booked in advance. To inquire about booking a guided tour please call us at 941-238-6566 or email us at

Can I walk through the Vineyard? Yes, absolutely, we encourage you to walk the property and walk through the vineyard to enjoy the full experience.

Do you book large groups or organizations for tours and tastings? Yes, absolutely! All large group tours & tastings can be booked through are e-mail or by calling 941-238-6566.

Special Events

It’s my spouse’s/mother’s/father’s/friend’s birthday/anniversary/bridal shower, do you provide anything special for this occasion?

Please be sure to let your wine tasting educator know of the special event, and they will do their best to try and provide a special cheer or toast during the tasting.

You may purchase food & beverages at the winery and enjoy them outside on our outdoor patio. However, we do not allow parties or private events without prior arrangements with Fiorelli Winery. Please do not arrive with food and/or decorations with the intent of having a private party at the facility without talking with Fiorelli Winery Management first. Please call our events team at 941-238-6566 for more information.

Can I bring a cake for a special event? Yes, small cakes and cupcakes are allowed to celebrate.  All items related must be brought along with you such as plates, napkins, and cutlery.  We do not allow any other outside food to be brought in & any cake/desserts need to be pre-arranged with Fiorelli Winery Management in advance. Call us at 941-238-6566 with further questions or to plan your event.

I want to bring decorations.  Are decorations allowed?  We do allow decorations to be brought in for pre-booked events for a small fee. Any decorations must be pre-approved and pre-planned with Fiorelli Winery Management. Please call our events team at 941-238-6566 for more information.

Do you allow photo shoots on property? Yes, we do allow photo shoots with a professional photographer. Photo shoots during regular business hours are $150.00. During non-business hours the cost is $300.00. Photo shoots must be scheduled in advance. Please call us at 941-238-6566 to schedule your shoot!

Do you allow drones or aerial photography?  Yes, we do allow drones & aerial photography for weddings & privately booked events. All professional videography and photography needs to be approved and pre-arranged with Fiorelli Winery Management.

Do you host weddings & private events? Yes, we host many weddings and special events throughout the year. Our event space is available for rental 7 days a week. Our event space is separate from our public space and can accommodate up to 100 guests with a dance floor. Our event space is set in the middle of the vineyard with beautiful vineyard views. It offers a bar, 2 private bathrooms, lighting, electric & catering prep space.

I have a question about an upcoming event. We’d love to help! Please call our event team at 941-238-6566 or email us at

I am interested in booking a private event at Fiorelli Winery, how do I get started? We’d love to host your event here at Fiorelli Winery. Please call our event team at 941-238-6566 or email your request to and someone will follow up with more information!

How many people does your event space hold? Our event space can accommodate up to 100 guests with a dance floor.

Our Grapes & Wine

How many wines do you currently offer? We currently have 10 wines available for purchase. 5 on the drier side and 5 on the sweeter side. Please visit our wine page on our website to lean about each individual wine. Under WINERY- Our Wines

Are muscadine the only grapes you grow on your property? Yes, Muscadine grapes are the only grapes that we can grow successfully in the state of Florida due to our hot humid climate. There are roughly 400 different species of Muscadine Grapes, we have 6 different varieties of Muscadine on property. 3 red & 3 white. Please visit our grapes page on our website to learn more about each individual grape varietal. Under WINERY- Our Grapes

Can I visit the vineyard to pick my own grapes? At this time we do not offer take home grape picking as all of our grapes go into our house made wines. However, if you come in the months of May, June, July & August you may be able to grab a grape off the vine to sample as we do allow folks to walk through the vineyard & these are the months in which the grapes are at their ripest, but beware there are still seeeds in the grapes.

Is your wine Gluten Free? Our wines are not considered Gluten Free, we do not personally add any protein or wheat products into our wines however, we cannot guarantee that other wines that we blend with from other suppliers do not include Gluten products.

Are your wines Vegan? Our wines are not Vegan certified, all ingredients used to date in our wines are animal byproduct free. However, we cannot guarantee that other wines that we blend with from other suppliers do not include animal byproducts.

Are there sulfates in your wines? Yes, we do add a small amount of potassium sulfites to our wine to help with the preservation of our wine.

What benefits are there to adding sulfates to your wine? Sulfates act as both a wine’s preservative and enhancer, many vintners purposely add sulfates at key moments of the winemaking process to quickly halt on-going fermentation or to help protect the wine against potential oxidation or bacterial exposure which could occur at various stages of the winemaking process.

How long does your wine last when stored correctly? Generally speaking, all Fiorelli Winery wines are ready for drinking when purchased. Muscadine wine is generally intended for early enjoyment which means that they have wonderful fresh, fruity characteristics which diminish with age. We recommend that our wines be consumed within 3-5 years after they are bottled to enjoy them at their absolute best.

Do you add sugar to ferment the wine or just to sweeten for bottling? Yes, we add sugar during the fermentation process, all of our wines are fermented to dryness, where all the fermentable sugar is consumed by the yeast. Additional sugar is added to our semi-sweet wines (except blueberry) prior to bottling, this achieves the desired level of sweetness in the finished product.

Do you sell wooden barrels? We do not use wooden barrels in our wine making process as all our wines are fermented in stainless steel. However, we do have plastic food grade barrels available for purchase. Please call us at 941-322-0976 to purchase these barrels.

Do you sell empty or used bottles? At times we do, it depends on what we have on hand at the time. Please call us at 941-322-0976 to inquire about purchasing empty wine bottles.