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The grape will never replace the orange in Florida but fun fact, grapes were growing in Florida long before the orange and the grapefruit took over. Due to the hot humid climate known in Florida, the best grown grape in our region is the muscadine grape. There are about 400 different species of Muscadine Grapes, on our vineyard we focus on six different varieties, Stover, FAMU, Conquistador, Carlos, Triumph & Noble.


The Carlos muscadine is the standard vine used to make white muscadine wine. It is a bronze self-fertile grape and contains 16% sugar. Carlos grape is also one of the best pollinator grapes. It Produces lots of small, 1/2 inch bronze fruit and ripens mid to late September.


The Noble muscadine vine is a black self-fertile variety that produces medium size fruit with good quality and large clusters. This muscadine variety is the standard for making red wine. Wineries throughout Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee use this variety to make quality red muscadine wine.


The Stover grape is a hybrid cultivar developed by the University of Florida’s breeding program. It is a yellow/bronze small grape. The flavor is mild and free from excessive sweetness or tartness. Clusters are medium size and the sugar content is 17-18% with a mild taste. ‘Stover’ is a golden-fruited, long-lived variety with improved dessert and holding qualities. The fruit ripens in July and August.


Interesting fact about the FAMU grape; it was created by a team at Florida A&M University which is how it got its name ‘FAMU’.


The Triumph Muscadine is a mid-season ripening grape. Winemakers love the Triumph because of its robust, juicy flavor. It is one of the most healthy fruits you can eat. Triumph Muscadine grapes are packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Grapes are very large and ripen around August and continue through September.


The Conquistador grape is a multipurpose, self-fertile Florida hybrid cultivar having V. aestivalis and ‘Concord’ parentage. Vine growth is moderate. The clusters are small with a slip-skin type berry. Unevenly ripened berries appear in bunches occasionally, and some bunches mature later than others.

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