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Thank you for visiting our website! We look forward to sharing a little bit of our history with you and hope you will come visit us in person soon.

Fiorelli Winery & Vineyards was started by Antonio & Rosa Fiorelli who originated from Casteldaccia, Sicily. Antonio began cultivating the land with fruit bearing trees and a few grape vines. Soon there were five rows of grape vines in the backyard with the garden, and a corner of the garage was closed off for making wine. By the mid-1990s Antonio had filled most of his 10 acres with grape vines and In 1998 Antonio officially announced the opening of the winery.

Today, the property is owned by John and Kristin Hokanson, we feel so grateful to be able to carry on the legacy that Antonio and Rosa started in 1998 and look forward to meeting everyone personally. Our vineyard boasts an assortment of fruit bearing trees along with 7.5 acres of beautiful vineyard. The vineyard is open to the public and you are encouraged to come and explore the property, walk through the vines and feel free to sample some grapes as you go along (however, beware they are only ripe at specific times of the year!)

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Fiorelli Winery & Vineyard

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