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Although we only grow muscadine grapes on our property we offer a variety of wine, ranging from various levels of dry to sweet as well as some recent fruit wine additions. We take much pride in our grapes and are proud to say that all of our wines include at least one of our various property grown grapes. We currently offer 9 varieties of wine and hope you will stop by soon to sample one, two or even all 9!

Florida Sol

Florida’s first black bunch grape, with small pinecone shaped bunches, that resemble Pinot Noir grapes, that produce a fine, semi-dry, red wine. Florida Sol is hand crafted in small batches and aged with French Oak. It is a pleasant full bodied red wine with a taste & finish of black cherry & strawberry flavors. Layered with subtle hints of citrus, vanilla & aromatic spices.


Manatee Red

Semi-dry, subtle, and smooth. Manatee Red is named exclusively to commemorate the beautiful land surrounding our Manatee County vineyard. Boasting a medium-bodied appeal, this red blend pairs well with savory Italian deli meats and cheeses, pasta with red sauce, and meatballs. Also enjoyed casually on its own.


Arid Red

Semi-dry, bold and full bodied. Complex with hints of earth, leather, and oak throughout and a smooth finish. Delicious with steak, Brisket, red meats, and rich cheeses. This is an excellent red wine to relax and unwind with. Enjoy!


Arid White

Semi-dry, white, fragrant, and mildly fruity with light acidity. Very crisp and refreshing, this wine compliments lighter fare such as white fish, shrimp, chicken, or a nice salad. Enjoy chilled.


Siesta Sands

Semi-dry, white, medium to full bodied with light notes of pear and crisp apple. Buttery and creamy richness with extra flavor dimensions of toast and vanilla imparted by oak. Pairs wonderfully with lightly seasoned poultry and meaty fish.




Friendly and Welcoming, this semi-sweet white is the versatile “take anywhere” wine that is always a crowd favorite. A fresh and sweet selection bursting with notes of Pineapple and citrus. For an added treat, enjoy with frozen pineapple chunks!



Light, fruity, and refreshing like a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day. Complements shellfish, mild cheeses, fruits and other light fare. This medium, sweet wine is perfect poolside, or at any gathering of good friends. For a nice twist, try adding frozen raspberries!



Semi-sweet, embodies a smooth, bold blueberry flavor with notes of dark cherries and currants. This pairs nicely with cheesecake, fresh cheeses and fruits.



Sweet and crisp, natural flavor of fresh Strawberries make this the perfect wine to sip on a hot summer day. For a nice treat pair with sweet desserts or blue cheese. Best served chilled or add some frozen strawberries or other berries for a lovely treat!



Light & fruity, this Semi-sweet wine boasts excellent natural peach flavor combined with balanced acidity for a fresh and fruity finish. Best enjoyed chilled or add some frozen peaches or berries for a fun twist.


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